Friday, April 1, 2011

Growing up is Hard- Part 2

Okay, so I just thought you might want to see a photo of the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, PA that I rode up with Matt.  What part of, "you are riding this thing with a girl who is afraid of heights, this is your chance to hold her close, etc", did he not get?!  
   Before we went on our "date" that night; (can we even call it a date since he didn't seem that interested in me romantically).  I am going to make the decision to stick to calling it a date since we were alone, by ourselves (and it boosts my self-esteem!).  So before we went he came in and met my parents, blah blah blah.  But one funny thing while he was talking to my parents and they were asking about his "church school" etc he asked had I applied to the "church school" before deciding to go to Miami U.  I said, "no, no, I didn't."  My mother jumped up, went out of the room and came back with an acceptance letter in her hand from the "church school".  Crap!  Then my mother proclaimed, "see, yes, you applied, you even got accepted."  At this point I just mumbled something like, "well, it wasn't for me, time to go ride that incline (even if I am scared)."  Truth be told, and I didn't tell Matt this, if I had chosen to go to that school they would have kicked me out starting with orientation on day 1.  My parents had made me apply to the school since it was only 45 mins or so from their house but I knew I was not going there.
    So after our "date" riding the incline Matt did not kiss me or anything when we got back to my parents house and said goodnight.  But I did agree to drive up to his church school later in the week.........
     So Friday came around and we decided I would drive up to the school and see it, meet some of Matt's friends and then we were going shopping for a wedding present for one of his friends.  I got up to this school and let me just tell you, I was not in Kansas anymore; this was different.  The boys and the girls lived in separate dorms/apt style housing.  Matt lived with 3 other guys on campus in this apt like thing where you walked in the front door and there was the living room and behind that a small kitchen and behind that was a hallways leading to the bedrooms/bathrooms and YOU COULD NOT CROSS THE LINE PAST THE KITCHEN!!   I don't want to sound like a hussy, and I'm not but, seriously, where in the world had I landed!?  And, and, you had to keep the door of the living room that opened to a main hallway open and they were only allowed to "co-mingle" or whatever you want to call it on Friday and Saturday nights in each other's place of residences and this was all overseen by an RA type figure that actually was watching!!  I think you could hold hands on campus with your person of interest but kissing was definitely out of the question. Sidenote:  I bet the Duggars, of 19 kids and counting, would like this school.  Then again, the visitation might even be too much.  To me, the funniest part was shortly after I arrived at his place of residence and he offered to show me around and basically pointed to the living room we were standing in and the kitchen (this is where they kept the Kool-Aid..........hahaha, just kidding).  And immediately after he showed me he was kind of like, "well, that's it."  And asked me something like did  I have any questions or something like that and I kind of rudely said, "well, I don't think there's anything else to see here." 
   After the "Tour of Homes" :)  we went to buy Matt's wedding gift.  Then he had the bright idea to take me to meet his parents.  This also included an introduction to his grandmother who was found in a living room watching the Saturday night lineup on NPT.  I thought, well, certainly his parents will be cool and maybe I will see more eye to eye with them.  Nope.  His mother was a nurse and his father was a social worker/counselor/therapist type of man. He even had to leave in the middle of our powow to go and talk someone out of suicide.  This was the last time that I ever saw Matt.  After this night I was completely convinced that it just wasn't going to work out.  A couple of years later I brought his name up in conversation with my mother.  My mother said, "I knew it wouldn't work out between you two the minute I met him, he was nice, but way too boring for you."   Never have I ever laughed so hard.  What truth!!

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