Thursday, September 29, 2011

Right Now

Right now I'm waiting on my husband to finish his workout so that we can finally eat dinner.  Who am I kidding, this would be considered an early dinner for us, and the fact that we are both home to eat it is beyond amazing.  We have been all over the place the past few months.  It's been go, go, go around here and honestly we haven't had a lot of time to be by ourselves; it seems like there is always someone else stopping by, having dinner with us, visiting over night, or meeting us somewhere when we go out.  It's been fun, don't get me wrong, glad that we have friends, but I am also craving some major alone time with Jon. That is the honest truth. We have a 10 hour drive to Orlando coming up in a couple of weeks and after we get the phone calls out of the way maybe we will actually get a chance to learn something new about each other.  The cell phone, a blessing and a curse!  Anyhoo, right now I am patiently waiting on Jon to finish his work out so that we can eat dinner together before anyone calls or stops by.
     I made a pot roast tonight and I'm pretty sure it's amazing because I've already sampled it.  I've only made pot roast once before, a couple of years ago, for Room in the Inn, for church.  I was going through my RCIA classes at the time and Jon and I were hoping we could bring dessert, salad or bread but we got stuck with cooking 4 pot roasts.  The lady in charge gave us a recipe and grocery list.  We used the crockpot per the instructions given.  We cooked them over a 24 hour period if I remember correctly and then took them to the church.  We never tasted them.  I have no idea if they were edible.
     This past weekend I happened to catch doing her new show on The Food Network and she was making a pot roast, mashed potatoes and blackberry cobbler!!  I went back and forth as to whether or not I should make this today because it's still warm outside but since we will be busy all weekend going here and there and next week Jon won't be around and I won't be around next weekend either I figured I had to go ahead and make this pot roast.  The only thing I did different was add extra salt and garlic at the end, next time I will salt the meat more and add garlic cloves before I put it in the oven.
     Also I haven't been eating a lot of meat lately, it's just grossed me out really.  Even this pot roast grosses me out a little.  It tastes great but still, it's meat, flesh, eewwwwww.  But my finger nails are falling apart again, as they always do when I quit meat, so now I'm in the phase where I kind of close my eyes and just eat it really quick without thinking and try to hold it down.  I have no idea why this happens to me but it does from time to time; sometimes it's short lived and other times it's not.
    Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well, I have lots of things from this summer to blog about to catch up!  Let's hope that it happens.