Saturday, December 3, 2011

It Feels Like An Eternity

     It feels like an eternity since I got a good night's sleep.  Jon is in Boston for one week out of the month now and guiltily I always look forward to sleeping alone, stretching out, but then I realize I have to get up at 5:30 a.m. and go to work and all guilty dreams are shattered.
     Does anyone else ever dream of checking into a hotel, getting a massage and drifting off to dream land undisturbed?  That is now my dream.
     I used to sleep without a television in my room, made a world of difference.  And no pets in my bed.  No lights, no sounds.  Now I sleep in a circus!  Many nights I go to sleep with the lights of a computer beside me and tapping sounds of a keyboard.  Because even though I can't sleep with these things, I also don't like to fall asleep with Jon in another room, so inevitably I ask him to bring his work or whatever he's doing, into the room and lay beside me until I fall asleep.
    Then once I fall asleep I am good for about four hours, then I wake up to go to the bathroom.  Then I have a difficult time falling back to sleep and this comes from either hearing Jon breathing heavy or snoring; or sometimes our dog, Sadie, snoring!  Then just as I drift off I realize it's almost time for my alarm clock to go off for work and then I get anxious about whether or not I set it, whether or not it will ring, maybe I should just get up, etc. etc. etc!!!  Ahhhhhhh!
  Anyways, Jon is gone for the night and I just climbed into bed thinking, well since I slept so poorly last night maybe tonight will be my night!  But then, Sadie climbed up and curled up next to me.  So now I can't stretch out, and yes, she probably intends on sleeping there all night.  It's just something she does in the Winter.  And I am too in love with her to kick her out of the bed.  But at any rate, cheers to dreamland hopefully some day because even though I need sleep I could never trade in Jon or Sadie!

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