Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tough Road to Pregnancy

Hi again!  I left this blog way back when because things got so busy and I just didn't know how to say it.  During our whole possibly moving to Boston thing I was sorta kinda trying to get pregnant. And thinking about getting pregnant and trying to move to another state was kind of blowing my mind.  And how would I find a new high risk doctor etc etc.  But it didn't happen, we didn't move to Boston and I didn't get pregnant. And then I worried about why I wasn't pregnant because I've never even been allowed to take birth control pills or anything so that wasn't the problem.  I thought I was good at avoiding pregnancy because I was an expert at the calendar method but after not getting pregnant I thought maybe the reason I'm good at the calendar method is because I can't get pregnant or something.
     My doctor told me to give it a couple of more months and that if still nothing happened I could take Clomid.  But I wasn't really wanting to take it.  We ended up putting our house up for sale even though we weren't moving to Boston.  We decided to look for another house here in Nashville; we had outgrown my husband's house and decided we wanted more space for our hopefully growing family and decided that if that didn't work out WE would still enjoy the space :) 
     Father's Day was really sad this year for my husband.  Apparently he thought that this was the month that I would finally walk out of the bathroom and announce that I was pregnant. I will admit that I also thought there might be a chance and bought him a card on the off chance that I did find out I was pregnant. Didn't work out that way.  He was really let down and it was sad; up until that point I hadn't realized his genuine investment in the whole process.  After the let down in June I decided that the next month I was going to do whatever I pleased.  Prior to June I had been cramming every vitamin and mineral  under the sun into my body.  We were eating clean, I had been taking all sorts of vitamins for months, avoiding alcohol etc etc etc. But after the let down I went to a "whatever" phase.  I was over it all and I needed a break from it all.  I decided to take a month or two off and then if nothing happened I would go to see an acupuncturist a friend had referred me to.
     To make a long story short I found out I was pregnant in early July.  My husband was out of town at the time...

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  1. So excited for you! Babies are such a blessing!