Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I should have put this first but again, hindsight! :)

     You should know that this blog  isn't what I would call a "cute blog."  I can't say that it won't ever be "cute".  It might, you never know how or which direction something will grow.  But for now this isn't your typical family blog.  In our household we currently do not have: a new baby on the way-biological or adopted; we have not set out on a quest to reach a certain life goal; we do not have any terminal illnesses that we are aware of; we do not have any new pets; we are not survivors of any major disasters nor have we recently experienced any major losses of any sort. 
     I hope that at some point we do have some major life events (positive ones) that I can blog about and share; but until then you're stuck with me telling stories about things that have happened to me that leave me asking "why me?!" or random observations that I find humorous in some way or enrage me.  But the truth is: I can't really say what this blog will ultimately become.
    What I can say is that I am going to refrain from using profanity in this blog, unless it helps to add detail to the particular story.  I am going to refrain from expressing my personal thoughts on politics and religion and all of those other things that get us all upset and enraged and cause arguments.  I am also going to refrain from humiliating anyone but myself.  If I tell any stories about anyone else I aim to show them in their best light; if they did something funny that won't completely humiliate them and I know that they would share the story themselves, I might tell it.  But I am not seeking to dish out information about others that just shouldn't be told.
    I realize that some of you may not always agree with me and that's fine, I get it.  Some of you may not like what I have to say or want to point fingers at the way I say something and again, that's okay.  All of this is meant to be in good fun and taken with a grain of don't get your panties all in a wad!  We are all entitled to our opinions and therefore I will likely be expressing mine.  If it differs from yours, it doesn't mean I don't love you still, it just means we are different in some areas and that is okay.  I hope that you will still love me too.  At any rate, this is not my post for the day, this was just something I was discussing last night and felt like I should put out there, a disclaimer for this blog.  In these times where everyone seems to get offended by something all the just have to put the disclaimer out there!

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