Sunday, April 17, 2011


I don't normally blog about the everyday things we do but I thought I might give it a shot today because we have been having a very busy spring.  Normally I work every other weekend but took some time off in March so we had some extra weekend time.  April has really been the first month, at my new job, that I have been working my complete schedule without taking off any........but I'm taking off a lot in May!  I realized today that we have really been getting out and about and enjoying our Spring weather here in Nashville so I thought I would recap some of those moments right now while I am sitting out on the deck, in the shade, waiting on some corn to grill, and watching Sadie and Jon take a nap.

                      This is my sister-in-law, Arika, she is about 7 mos. pregnant here and we kicked off our Spring by going to Hendersonville to attend and baby shower for her.  Let me tell you, she is one of the amazing pregnant women I know.  She had her first child almost 2 years ago while living in Switzerland!  This is her second child and she makes it all look so easy.  A couple of Jon's parents friends  had this baby shower for her.  The new baby, Alexa Sophia is due mid-May, I think on the birthday is on the 21st.  Cutting it close!!

Another weekend we focused on detailing our cars and I will not bore you with those is not one of my favorite or even likeable things to do.  But Jon, as always, being the awesome husband that he is found a way to lure me into helping him with this by providing refreshments!
                                                     Yay for Yazoo Dos Perros Ale

Another weekend we went for a long walk over the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge off of Briley Pkwy, near where the old Opryland used to be and where the Opryland Hotel still is and this connects to Shelby Bottoms, one of Nashville's many greenways.  Urban "hiking" at it's best!  We got to walk over this really neato bridge I had been wanting to go over for quite some time.

                                     Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge from Briley
                                    The Cumberland Pedestrian Bridge, Nashville Tn

You would never guess that this was behind us:

Seriously I took a picture of the bridge and then turned around and took a picture of the interstate right behind us.  Eh, you can't have your cake and eat it too!  After you walk a quarter of a mile you don't even know the interstate is there anyways.  Yay for an urban oasis!   This was an  interesting  actually a boring walk really.  The bridge was neato but other than that, b-o-r-i-n-g.  The most interesting thing to happen on this walk was that we ran into my hair stylist and her posse and the only reason she recognized me, I think, was because she had just done my hair for me the day before and, she recognized my dog!  I don't think we will be doing this walk again, it was just what I said it was, boring.  Not to mention it's about 25 minutes from our house, we have numerous other locations within that same time-distance that are more secluded, more developed and just offer more in general.  Or we could swing for a 45 minute total drive and be at my favorite hiking destination, Old Stone Fort and visit a winery nearby at the same time!!  What's not to love!?
     Today we chose somewhere closer to home, about 10 minutes away, Radnor Lake.  The thing about Radnor Lake is that it's scenic, fairly quiet and still within the city limits.  Not to mention I kept my eyes peeled for homes for sale and lots for sale on the same street.  There were a few but I don't think the lots were really what we are looking for in the future and there was only one home for sale and it was just okay.  So onwards and upwards!  Radnor Lake is perfect if you don't have a lot of time to drive or walk.  It's very short.  Also note, if you haven't been here before that you cannot take dogs on the wooded trails, only on the paved road...........which is a huge drawback for us because I can't really justify going to walk somewhere and not taking Sadie, who goes for a nice walk in the woods and leaves their dog at home, assholes!    This is a good walk though because it's quick, within a very short driving distance and nearby everywhere we had to stop on the way home yet still giving us our "urban oasis", "out of town" feel.  Here are some things we saw:
                                        Radnor Lake, Nashville Tennessee

Me taking a picture of myself on the way there.  Jon has two cars, one of which is an old Miata.  I would tell you the year, but I don't know what it is .  I think the thing is a deathtrap and I don't care too much for riding in cars as small as it. I have known Jon almost 4 years, today was the 4th time in that many years that I have agreed to ride in this "deathtrap".  I was in the kitchen prepping lunch and dinners for the next couple of days because I have to work Monday and Tuesday and all of the sudden I thought, what the heck, Jon loves that little car, why not suck it up and surprise him by riding in it.  Seriously that's all he asks for, what's a few minutes in it?  I had to take several pictures to mark the occasion.

   4 or 5 Turtles on a fallen over tree
  Sweet Sadie von Hoscheit
              a dam, speaks for itself!
Sadie and Jon at the Visitor's Center

Sadie and Jon taking a nap once we got home.


  1. I like posts about everyday things just as much as "story" posts :)

  2. How did you allergy testing go? I'm headed for my next shot on Monday. I can't say that I've noticed a difference yet, but I have been spending more time outdoors this weekend so I may be using up all the shots that I got.

  3. the allergy appt went well. 47 pricks and 18 shots later......results are mold, and several grasses and trees. we don't have any obvious mold from water damage or anything so i'm trying to locate other, smaller, hidden sources. i've washed a lot of curtains lately and that actually seems to be helping. going to start the shots in a couple of weeks after my insurance approves it and after they get it mixed up,etc. Looking forward to breathing better and not having people thinking i always have a cold!!

  4. I have to limit fabrics/curtains/carpets/etc in my house - especially in my bedroom - because of my dust mite allergy. I have no curtains at all (shutters throughout) and carpet only in guest rooms. Hope you are feeling better soon!