Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Eats

So I thought I would share a couple of  blog and Pinterest finds that I have made lately that turned out delicious.  And as soon as I went to type that first sentence our 40lb dog, Sadie, hopped up on my lap.  (she usually only does this at the vet) And while it's cramping my style, literally, I'm kind of enjoying this since she never wants to be held.  Anyhoo, back to the recipes at hand.
The first one I'd like to introduce I found on Pinterest.  Double Dark Chocolate Merlot Cookies.  For a dark chocolate lover like myself these were YUM!

And here's the link:
The only differences were that I only had light brown sugar on hand rather than the dark and I conveniently had a bottle of Cabernet already open so that's what I used instead.  Things I also learned while doing this are that: 1) You need to let cookies set a few minutes before you put them on a rack or they will fall apart. 2) I need another silpat because I get bored waiting for the cookies on the one and only silpat to cool.  3) I used parchment paper to speed up the process since I have more baking sheets than silpats and it did just fine, but there is something cooler about the silpat.

Secondly I made a small version of skinny chicken enchiladas and they were, in my opinion, yummier than my favorite Mexican place (and I l-o-v-e my favorite Mexican place) but these were fantastic!

And here's the link for these which I found from a blog I follow:
I would put the name/link of the blog post underneath but sadly I'm not that savvy yet :(
The only modifications I made here were that: 1) I used a rotisserie chicken (b/c they were on sale at Publix last week). 2) I used a can of rotel sauce in place of one can of tomato sauce for the enchilada sauce, it gave it a nice kick! 3) I forgot to use greek yogurt on the top in place of sour cream like I was going to and I forgot to use the green onions I had bought but they were a slam dunk full of flavor without them.  4)The cheese I used was Cabot 50% reduced fat jalapeno cheddar.

I am planning on making a larger dish of the chicken enchiladas tomorrow.  I ate them this week while Jon was gone and I felt guilty that I wasn't sharing!  So tomorrow I will share!!




  1. Both of those recipes sound DELICIOUS! I think I will have to try them! I have LOVED trying new pinterest recipes....and Wesley has enjoyed it too! I don't even know what I used to do at 3am at work before Pinterest. I just wish that it was around before we got married. I love all of the wedding ideas....maybe Wesley and I will just have to have a BIG 10 year anniversary celebration or something :)

  2. Chocolate & wine cookies??!! Oh my! Thanks for saying hello over at my blog. I am SO happy to have that retaining wall taken care of, as it has been on the to-do list for years. Check one thing off the list!