Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Totally Just Cried...A lot....

While watching Kim Kardashian's wedding!! Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!   Sad, but true.  I have no idea why.  I used to cry at everything and then that left me for a while and now it's back, with a vengance.  Weddings, babies, graduations, funerals, anything that brings up the idea that life is short and oh so sweet makes me cry, cry, cry.  Last weekend I was with my bff, who lives in Roswell Georgia and we were at this little house, sitting on the front porch, eating dinner and watched parts of a wedding across the street.  I cried.  We left after eating and pased another little mansion with a carriage and a bride in it waiting to pull into her dream wedding, I cried.  My bff Brandy is about to have her first baby, a girl, I cried.  I saw little clothes, a highchair, wedding photos, etc. all over her house and I cried.
   Tonight the Kim Kardashian wedding hit me hard though, I don't know her, I am not sure I even like her, but I cried.  At first I felt her pain when they were planning the wedding and in love but kind of fighting a lot too.  Good grief we fought a lot right before our wedding!! 
   Then there was the deceased parent issue; she was missing her dad, at my wedding we were missing Jon's mother.  She and her fiance took flowers out to her father's gravesite.  Jon and I lit a votive candle and said a prayer for Jon's mother right after we saw each other for the first time and before our wedding officially started.  I cried then too.  You are probably thinking that i must have cried during my entire wedding, I would have, if not for the gift of modern medicine :)  Thank goodness for a good PCP with a prescription pad and good medication!!!  Anyways, I could say so much more but my eyes are puffy from so much crying.  Life is special!

          Right after we lit our candle and said our prayer for Jon's mother


  1. It only gets worse after you get pregnant and have a baby. I've never been a major crier, but while I was pregnant, I cried when I was watching Oprah when this man proposed to his girlfriend in Australia, and other random times. Get ready for it, ha!

  2. Hahahahaha! That's funny. I dread seeing how many tears I may cry during a pregnancy...I'm not sure there is enough kleenex in the world for me!